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New Wireless Quad DVR Solution -- CM-709MDW-4D

In any vehicle – be it a truck, tractor, or bulldozer – large dimensions and energy-efficient design can increase a driver's blind spot. Camera monitor systems and other systems for indirect vision solve this problem by enlarging the field of vision - a solution soon available for cars. Today I am going to introduce a NEW wireless camera system - CM-709MDW-4D to you. For the new product, it has some great functions and performances, and according to some of our customers' feedback, we do some breakthrough from old wireless system.

As our old wireless system, there is the biggest question: 3 to 5 second delay, which is very dangerous for vehicle safety. That's why we change the wireless solution to Mars solution which picture is shown as below. This solution is more quicker response--NO DELAY, however, when you gain one, you lose other one, that is Gain-loss effect. The resolution of the new wireless system is not very good. Even though we launch another AHD wireless system, AHD wireless system doesn't have DVR function.

So let's talk about the DVR function, this is a good idea. Usually we will use black box to record the road condition, which means "complex". CM-709MDW-4D support 128g SD card recording, and when it reach storage limit, the new video will cover the oldest one, or you can copy down on your computer.

Meanwhile the CM-709MDW-4D has some special design for the cable and connector. Pictures are shown as below.

Do you like this one? Do you want more information about it? Do you want to test the sample? Don't hesitate to contact Vickie.

That's all, see you next time, maybe the next product will be WIRELESS 720P SYSTEM.

Thank you for your reading, hope everything for you is merry and bright.

Vickie Liu


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